adobeAdobe announced on Thursday that it has been the target of a major security breach in which sensitive and personal data millions of its customers compromised. The intruders were able to gain access and run off with a large number of Adobe IDs and encrypted passwords. Adobe also says that certain information on 2.9 million customers has been compromised, this includes encrypted credit and debit card numbers, their expiration dates and customer names. In another recent attack, intruders stole source codes for a number of Adobe products, such as ColdFusion and Adobe Acrobat. The company believes that there might be a connection between these two attacks.

The company says that it doesn’t believe the hackers were able to get access to or steal any decrypted financial information. While federal law officials are involved, Adobe stressed that there are some precautions that customers need to take action on now.Adobe is resetting the passwords on breached Adobe customer IDs, and users will receive an email if they are affected. The software giant is also currently notifying customers whose credit or debit card information was exposed.

Adam Sarim

Sarim is an IT enthusiast who is recently completed CHSE and pursuing further education in the industry.

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