Life After TsunamiEight (8) years ago todays Maldives was hit by a devastating Tsunami which had claimed lives and homes of several Maldivians throughout the nation. My Prayers and well wishes to all the lives lost and families who lost almost everything that day.

I would like to take this opportunity to send our gratitude and heartfelt thanks to the  innovative and creative individuals who voluntarily brought us to assist and collaborate the disaster relief effort. They selflessly used their skills to spread the word that Maldives needed help and inform people of the whereabouts of others and the deceased or injured. The work they contributed enabled  Maldives to relief raise funds and get donations throughout the world.

If i am not mistaken it was an initiative by Simon Shareef and other members of the team that i know of are Sofwath (Choppey), Ashraf (Primary0) and Inash , Please share in as comments other team members who worked in bringing the service online.

It is unfortunate to know that domain is now used by Dhiraagu to host a speed test server and not even bothered to archive the web for historical purpose. It was just my luck that Wayback machine had some good snaps of the website.



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