The integrity and the commitment shown by the parliamentarian that we have voted in to the Parliament of Maldives “The Majlis” has been doubtful at many times. They campaigned with a promise to work for the constituents and the assurance that they understand the pulse and the needs of the constituents or to uphold the mandates of the party on its ticket that they were campaigning  All these promises seem to have been broken.

With the aim to establish a medium where the general public could monitor the performance of their elected members of the Parliament and to transparently show how each task of the parliament is carried out and to bring an interactive Majlis to the public, Maldivian Democracy Network commissioned local web development company Limopalm to establish the most complex web application which the team at limopalm has developed till date. The project which was initially named Parliament Watch and now named majliswatch was funded by the British High Commission.

Limopalm’s approach was to build a comprehensive portfolio of the parliament members, sittings, bills, committees and other various works performed under the roofs of the parliament house. The project is divided in to multiple phases and the first phase which lasted almost 6 months was launched at an event held at trader’s hotel.

The first Phase had modules which cover details of all the sittings, bills, decrees, committees and a visual display of how each parliamentarian voted and performed in sittings and committees. Many modules in this phase and future phases and developments have to be interconnected thus detailed planning and research have been key to the successful deployment of the project.

Limopalm team for the planning and development of the project included Sujuaan Ali handled the project management and concept development for the project, Hussain Aswan (@flashpixel) worked on front and backend development while Hassan Shariz and Mohamed Shamikh contributed on some modules development.

Inspired by and built on the concept of and after lot of man hours put in to planning and development of the application the end result is outstanding. By analyzing the performance of the MP’s and portraying the results on the web the public can now easily monitor their elected MP’s.


With over 10 years of experience in the field of ICT, Rhipha is a Sysadmin, a Project Manager and Technology writer.

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