On 29th October Google announced three new Nexus devices, in small, medium and large size. The new devices are powered on a new flavor of Jelly beans, Android 4.2 which includes latest versions of Google Now and other new features. Google first featured the three new devices with different pictures of Maldives on its screens.

One of the image even carried Maldives on its header. The photographer who gets credits for these beautiful images are yet unknown. It could be images by Maldivian photographer or that of an international photographer. We are happy that Google acknowledged the beauty of our small island nation by dedicating this awesome lineup of new products with wallpapers of Maldives.

Nexus 4 is Googles latest Smartphone developed with LG, which has a quad-core processor, a 4.7” display and comes with wireless charging you just need to set the phone down on a charging surface to power it up.

Google has also re-invented the photo experience with photo sphere, which enables snapshots up, down and in every direction to create stunning 360 degree immersive experiences.

Google has also enhanced Google now designed to make life simpler by presenting the right information at just the right time, before we even ask. So next time when you book a table for dinner, you’ll get a reminder with all the details without even having to lift a finger. You will also get cards for nearby attractions, interesting photo spots, movies times and nearby theaters or concerts by your favorite artists.

Google has also enhanced storage for the Nexus 7 which is now available in 16GB and 32GB. Google has added HSPA+ mobile data to allow more mobility on this highly portable tablet.

Google in partnership with Samsung introduced Nexus 10 which is the ultimate tablet for watching movies and reading magazines. Nexus 10 is the highest resolution table available in the market now with a 10.055” display at 2560×1600 (300ppi). It has a battery life of up to 9 hours of video playback and more than 500 hours of standby time. It also has a front facing stereo speaker just for watching movies.

The nexus 10 is the first multi user tablet which can switch between users right from the lock screen. With Android 4.2 multiple users who can have their own stuffs like email, apps, bookmarks and own home screens with their own music and high scores can be switched easily.

A Nexus device is much more than simply a phone or tablet. It’s your connection to the best of Google—all of your stuff and entertainment, everywhere you go with no hassle. Now you have three new Nexus devices, a new improved version of Jelly Bean and more entertainment than ever before, all available on Google Play. The playground is open.


With over 10 years of experience in the field of ICT, Rhipha is a Sysadmin, a Project Manager and Technology writer.

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